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The podcast about two friends who look back at 80’s movies to see if they see if are still Rad Today!

Ep 104: Total Recall (1990)

August 5th, 2017

Does you humdrum life of being a adonis-like construction worker and hot blonde wife with a million dollar house got you
down? Then why not take a trip down memory lane and later, you can have a Total Recall of it later! Yes, 1990 strikes again
as we watched Total Recall. Another Paul Verhoeven vehicle that keeps you asking "what the hell is going on" long after
you wanted too. Listen in as Arnold tries to seperate dream from reality and Greg proposes a whole new take on the plot.

Total Recall's greatest hits:
-Chekhov's nuclear wessels
-Everyman angry entitled ronny cox
-Union concessions lead to the deaths of thousands
-Hauser and Cohagen missing one hell of a party
(special music- And the waltz goes on composed by Sir Anthony


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Ep 103: Creepshow (1982)

July 29th, 2017

Dad getting on your case about those scary comics you read? Better cut out the voodoo doll ad in the back of Creepshow! The 1982 anthology movie from the mind of Steven King and directed by George A. Romero Creepshow follows 5 tales of spooky and creepy horror including the Lonely Death of Jordy Verrill and The Crate.

This weeks greatest hits include:
-What would our 8 year old selves want in our room
-Steven King's commitment to realism
-Crevenent! people are dying for 'em!
-Pick your Burial Mound the game show
-Taking a class in the De-masculating of the american husband

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Ep 102 Iron Eagle (1986)

July 21st, 2017

When your fighter pilot dad is captured and you're the only one willing to go in and save him, then steal an f-16, recruit Lou Gossett Jr. and swoop in like an Iron Eagle! The SECOND of 2 fighter pilot movies from 1986 this one has a team of teens saving ones father from certain death. In this cast we do some actual fact checking on airplane speeds, question how one would would get papers into the mainframe, and then award the 4chan medal of trolling. All this plus America! F*** Yeah! Follow us on Facebook and twitter and become a patron at


Ep 101 RoadHouse

July 15th, 2017

Riff raff scummin' up your rundown bar? Better call in the best bouncer in the world to clean Road House! Patrick Swayze once again graces our podcast in this ass-kickin' honky tonk movie. In this cast Paul and Greg dream up thier own fantasy bouncer league, ask if everyone keeps their college degree with their medical records, and then realize they've been watching The Dark Bouncer Rises the whole time. Follow us on facebook, twitter, and instagram. Then leave us a 5 star review on ITunes.


Ep 100: robocop (1987)

July 7th, 2017

Part cyborg. Part cop. 100% full on kick ass radness! No bones about it we watched Robocop. The 1987 sci-fi action thriller about a man who gets transformed into a crime fighting super cop. This week Greg and Paul delve into ED-209's team of cyborg technicians, the proper etiqutte of management bathrooms, and the production value placed on a death threat video. All this plus the return of wink wink and 80's Italian Pope! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and subscribe with a 5 star review on ITunes.


Ep 99: Jaws 3-D (1981)

June 30th, 2017

Attractions in the water. Dolphins in the water. People in the water. Coral in the water. Shark in the water. And they're all 3-D!!! This week dive right into the third installment of the Jaws franchise Jaws 3-D. Where this week we ask who would buy our oversized bumper sticker, question the commitment of Seaworld to a good attraction, and wonder if sharks only like crispy human skin. All this plus shark summer camp! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and subcribe with a 5 star review i ITunes.


Ep 98: Big (1988)

June 23rd, 2017

When the girl you like can look over your head and even the carny thinks your too short for the ride, then you gotta find yourself a gypsy carnival game and wish Big! Oh yeah, the Tom Hanks led movie about a boy who gets to grow up over night is this weeks movie. On this episode we discuss not being able to pause a video game (with live example), Billy the mafioso kid, and Greg questions the availability of Josh's VP job. All this plus we finally address the giant elephant missing from the room. Follow us on facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and subscribe and with a 5 star rating at itunes.


Ep 97: The Abyss (1989)

June 15th, 2017

Angry marines and nuclear subs runaground got you in the dumps? Well maybe some alien jellyfish will lift you from your Abyss of depression! Yes, we visit another James Cameron movie and this time we discuss needing a very big wrench, power napping through a disaster, and how saving a race of underwater aliens can save your marriage. All this plus bull talk. Follow us on facebook, twitter, and subscribe with a 5 star review on ITunes.


Ep 96 Red Dawn

June 6th, 2017

NATO is gone, peace treaties are broken, USA stands alone and then Russia attacks. Its like waking up to a Red Dawn! An all star cast rides this young adult military movie right through to the end. In this cast Paul finally gets the interruption he's always wanted, then he tries to perfect his Russian accent, and we discuss the capitolist propaganda cartoons of Rocky and Bullwinkle. All this plus wink! Wink! Follow us on facebook, twitter, leave us a 5 star review on ITunes, and become a patron at


Ep 95: The Wraith (1986)

May 30th, 2017

When an aggressive car club comes and kills you, the only way you can get your revenge is to come back and Wraith them! Now replace Wraith with race and you got this car-tastic Charlie Sheen movie. In this cast we're down a member of the TWR team but persevere onward as we discuss the movie powerhouse Hot Dog the movie, we ask what exactly IS Augie style, and then ponder the many ways this towns sheriff has closed a case. All this plus not-Clint Howard stops by! Become a patron at, and follow us at Facebook and twitter. Then subscribe and leave a 5 star review on ITunes.