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The podcast about two friends who look back at 80’s movies to see if they see if are still Rad Today!

Behind the Mic Blog

Behind the Mic Blog

The Eulogy of Mace

Though he was very irritating and had more moods swings than a gaggle of teenage girls. But apparently his family loved him and look what that got them? All but the smart one with tiny bear is dead. Sorry for the loss but its not the worse that could have happened. I'm sure he had his good qualities but we never saw them. If only he hadnt stuck his hand in that tree maybe ax bear wouldn't have died. This a eulogy and people should be sad, but in his case, the agrabarian bears are now safe. Just think, one life (his) means ten teddy bears wont be dead. I'd love to say I'm really sad about his loss, but i hear the teddy bears are doing better. They got a beach house and are chillin'. Cindel, you must be sad, but think about your friend Wicket, he was probably next. You know, to die. Tears be fallin'. You know what i mean. This burrito is finished. And so am i.                                                                                                                                                                                            Willow         

So No Holds Barred, holds, oh yeah puns a plenty are coming, a special place for me. Its not just a goofy 80’s movie about “jock ass” wrestlers and their shenanigans. Its much more. Its about a time when me and my two brothers were really close. We used mock wrestle in our basement all the time. I even went so far as to make a card board belt using a couple old soda can boxes and the belt off a robe. I don’t recall our wrestler names but I’m sure they were things like “Paulie the babyface” and “Mean Joey Two-toes”. Who knows. What was special though is that this movie was something we would watch any time it was on. While I certainly recall some parts differently, (ya’ll B Ware of your surroundings), the crux of the movie, Hulk Hogan being a living comic book hero was still strong in my mind and the movie was just rad!

I was also reminded of the Wrestlemania parties we used to have. Back in the 80s pay per view was still fairly new and Wrestlemania was the only paid event and it only happened once a year. I can only imagine how bankrupt our family would be today if me and my brothers were 9 years old again with the number of events they have.

Not back then though. Back then, the event was special. There were heroes and villains. Defined character tropes. Was it all fake? Does George the animal steel eat ring buckles? Did we care? Not in the slightest. I remember being 22, new wife, new apartment, new baby, and there on the shelf was a foam and plastic WWF (just before the pandas took the name) world wrestling championship belt. I had to have it. I was 9 years old again and I had to have. I still have it today.

A few things have changed since then. I don’t watch wrestling. I should but I miss the days of flashy names, flasher clothing, and a separation of good and evil. I haven’t watched since the NWO took over WCW. Second, I don’t see my brothers nearly as much as I should. We all have lives, kids, wives. We all grew up. Except when watching No Hold Barred. When I watch that movie, I’m nine, Hogan is a god, and I’m the three time Harvey Basement Paper Belt Champion of Blackstone. Do yourself a favor. Go watch this movie and remember being a kid. Cause whatcha gonna do, when emotions go running wild on you.

Inside the This Was Rad! studio by Paul

Hey all! So just to add some content here on the page I thought I would do a behind the scenes blog-o-thing giving some insight on some things that went down when recording. This can be gaffs, goofs, guffaws, and other g-related word things that happened.

In this first post I’ll share a bit on the recording of our last podcast, Episode 4: Ernest Goes to Camp.

In our world of recording we’ve been pretty lucky so far that things have gone fairly well. No broken mics, no loose cables, nothing. Well, then Ernest comes along and just like the movie, something goes wrong and we all have a laugh.

As we were recording what we all concluded was a great cast, Greg in mid-sentence just goes “and you have a blue screen”. I look at the PC and yup, hard disk crash. Ohhh maaannn…..

What followed was a trip to Target looking for a cable adaptor to hook up a back-up recorder. (Which we never found.) A disk scan by the PC (which, fingers crossed is working a-ok again), and eventually recording the second cast of the night (we typically record two podcasts at a time).

Around 11pm, we decided well, we did say Ernest would be our next podcast and went ahead and rerecorded. What followed was another exception breakdown of a Rad movie. Greg discussed US vs Native American relations, I had a fascination with knives, and Willow believed the 80’s only existed so we’d have “crop tops all around!”

In the end, it turned out great. As Ernest would say, “On this, the great blue planet we call mother earth, we are reminded that we, in fact, mortal men. Knowwhatimean?”