This Was Rad! Podcast

The podcast about two friends who look back at 80’s movies to see if they see if are still Rad Today!

Ep 63: OnFleek “Save the Last Dance”

September 30th, 2016

When your dream is as dead as your mom, you need to find yourself on the street of Chicago Save the Last Dance for me! Yes, Willow picked the movie this week, so we get our OnFleek on with the Julia Styles hip hop movie Save The Last Dance. On this cast we remember when MTV played music, we imagine if the movie had been set in Amish Country, and Paul find one piece of dialogue quite interesting. All that plus the best place in school to plan a drive by! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and subscribe on ITunes or our site


62: Breakfast Club

September 23rd, 2016

 Take 5 high school stereotypes, lock them in a library and there you'll have the Breakfast Club! The pinnacle of all high school angst movies. in this cast we have a super special guest. From the F Plus podcast we have Lemon! He joins the gang to dig deep into these kids psyche. First, Paul shares his own lemon story for Lemon, Greg explains Benders role in todays society, Willow discovers she goes to a public school and Lemon tries to figure out the principals end game. All this plus more John Hughes and his fascination with women's anatomy. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and subscribe as ITunes and


Ep 61 Sixteen Candles (1984)

September 16th, 2016

As we move into week three of Hughes-a-Palooza we find ourselves wishing every self-centered teenager a happy sixteenth birthday! The Molly Ringwald starter where a teenage girl isnt happy until her family doesnt throw her a party but yet still remember its her birthday. In this cast Willow suggests the best way to end a call, we add more players to the peeping league, and Willow introduces us to the term frosh. Yep. Listen for all that and more #froshty. Find on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and leave us a glowing review on ITunes.


Ep 60: Pretty in Pink (1986)

September 9th, 2016

When one girl tries ditching a clinger for the rich hot guy, she'll eventually find her way to the prom looking Pretty in Pink! Hughes-a-palooza continues as we watch Molly Ringwald get with the rich guy as Jon Cryer's Duckie clings on for dear life. In this cast we delve deep into Ringwalds fashion sense, we spend way too much time breaking down Duckie, and Willow gets a zinger on Greg no one can argue. All this plus John Hughes (as not himself) stops by again to give the actors a sense of character. Become a patron at, follow us at Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and subscribe and review at ITunes or wherever you guy podcasts!


Ep 59: Weird Science (1985)

September 2nd, 2016

Take one floppy disk, a sky full of lightening, and a picture of Kelly LeBrock and you too could make sex pot using Weird Science! The '85 movie about two nerds who create their fantasy woman. In this cast, Willow lets us know she's no longer a disney kid, Greg asks what would we create through science, and John Hughes (or a poor facimile) stops by. All that plus more peepers! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and rate us on ITunes!