This Was Rad! Podcast

The podcast about two friends who look back at 80’s movies to see if they see if are still Rad Today!

Ep 33 The Terminator

February 23rd, 2016

Listen to this podcast if you want to live! Otherwise you receive a visit from The Terminator! Yes, 1984 Arnold vehicle that spawned a cavalcade sequels. In this cybernetic episode, Willow confuses a serial killer with a football team, Greg wonders how exhausting it must be to hotwire a car, the gang discusses the intricate details of sending your father back in time. All that and what SHOULD you say when saving someones life. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and become a patron at


Ep 32: Goonies (1985)

February 16th, 2016

You know who never says die? Well, lots of people, but specifically we mean Goonies! Yes! The movie about treasure hunting children with a healthy dose of Rube Goldberg machines. In this cast Paul teaches us about Awful Waffles, we discuss the pros and cons of finding sheep island, and Paul has strong feelings about a Peeping Plimpton. Plus, Willow's next career. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, subscribe on Itunes, and become a patron at


ep 31: Karate Kid

February 9th, 2016

Ok boys and girls, break out your karate gi's, tie on your white belts and think back to when you wanted to be the next Karate Kid! The story of Daniel-son and Mr. Miyagi training to be the best...around! In this cast we discuss some family friendly "salty" language, improv our way through Daniel and Ally's date, and discuss Daniel's motiving power of pout. All this and how DOES the crane kick work? Follow us on facebook and twitter, and become a patron at


Ep 30 Best of the Best

February 2nd, 2016

USA faces off against Korea for the WORLD karate championship to find the Best of the Best! This time around we delve deep into Eric Roberts' hair role in the film, James Earl Jones using the force, and Paul surmises the time shift paradox of championship karate. All this and Willow tries to taint TWR's use of comeuppance. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and tell your friends!